Claris FileMaker Case Study

Overcome school administration burdens and manual processes with Claris FileMaker

Make the most of limited resources and focus on what matters: improving student outcomes.

Claris FileMaker has the power to change school culture.

Insufficient resources and manual processes were inhibiting teachers and school staff at Ethel Dwyer Middle School in Huntington Beach, California. They needed a solution tailored to various administrative functions including organizing a school track meet, recording locker assignments, and fostering a culture of positive behavior.

The school easily implemented custom apps built with Claris FileMaker to avoid wasting time on manual processes.

Thanks to FileMaker, the school:

  • Developed a teacher-centered custom app that consolidates data silos.
  • Alleviated lengthy, paper-based tasks associated with student discipline.
  • Integrated their data with the district’s student information system.
  • Improved school culture through smart behavior tracking.

The app has enhanced my program from labor-intensive, paper-driven input to a couple of touches on the iPad or desktop to complete tasks. In the past, entering all the locker information for each student took, at a minimum, four days. The Claris FileMaker app, can accomplish it in a day.

- Stacy Wood, Physical Education teacher at Ethel Dwyer Middle School.

Learn more about the benefits of FileMaker and how you can transform your school. Download the education case study today.


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